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Hi! I’m Lucy, the owner of this blog. Enjoy reviews and tips on various things like food, travel, fashion, fitness, and more! I hope to appeal to other people my age looking for casual reads about things they can relate to. And, to inspire others to start writing about everyday things!

I’m a tenth grader living Southern California who loves to write! After attending a program with the New York Times and learning about new media platforms for writing and journalism, I got inspired to start my own blog! Other than this blog, I write for the my school’s newspaper, act, and play field hockey for my school.

  • Love "Clue"? See Knives Out.

    December 1, 2019 by

    The movie “Knives Out” utilises the format of the childhood boardgame, Clue, and a “whodunnit” plotline to skillfully demonstrate that even in a smaller-scale murder, selfish ulterior motives are inevitable and drive conflict. (spoilers ahead) The film, directed, written and produced by Rian Johnson (who you may recognize from directing Star Wars: The Last Jedi)… Read more

  • One Size Clothing Isn’t Brandy Melville’s Only Issue

    August 25, 2019 by

    Tik Toks depicting negative Brandy Melville experiences have flooded the video sharing platform’s home page, calling out the brand’s one-size policy on most items and non-diverse image. As someone whose closet is 80% Brandy Melville and is wearing an item of theirs while typing this, it seemed like a relevant topic to write about.  Let’s… Read more

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