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Hi! I’m Lucy, the owner of this blog. Enjoy reviews and tips on various things like food, travel, fashion, fitness, and more! I hope to appeal to other people my age looking for casual reads about things they can relate to. And, to inspire others to start writing about everyday things!

I’m a tenth grader living Southern California who loves to write! After attending a program with the New York Times and learning about new media platforms for writing and journalism, I got inspired to start my own blog! Other than this blog, I write for the my school’s newspaper, act, and play field hockey for my school.

  • March Favorites

    March 20, 2020 by

    Surprise! This article is not about the CoronaVirus. You’re welcome? We could all use a little break from the hysteria. Although I lacked my usual inspiration to write, as I felt people were solely concerned with breaking news updates and my measly opinions would be irrelevant, I’ve caught a new wind in believing distraction could… Read more

  • Love “Clue”? See Knives Out.

    December 1, 2019 by

    The movie “Knives Out” utilises the format of the childhood boardgame, Clue, and a “whodunnit” plotline to skillfully demonstrate that even in a smaller-scale murder, selfish ulterior motives are inevitable and drive conflict. (spoilers ahead) The film, directed, written and produced by Rian Johnson (who you may recognize from directing Star Wars: The Last Jedi)… Read more

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